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What's Interesting

Comfort and perfect for daily brew coffee. Brazil Toffee Cerrado is our latest addition to espresso coffee selection. Brazil is among the largest coffee producer and most of the best coffee located in Cerrado region. Farmers take advantage of high plateaus at elevation peaking just above 1000 meters to grow fine coffee. Since coffee usually produce in big volume most of coffee will go through natural process or dried using mechanical dryer to speed up production line. Further process has been done by sorting and grading coffee according to size to improve cup quality.

Everyone love Brazil when it comes to nutty or chocolaty coffee. We simply love Toffee Cerrado since it give you a very comfort and sweet cup. It has low citrus acidity that give you a vibrant taste. We tailored this coffee more toward sweet cup so it will be perfect match for milk based coffee. Toffee Cerrado will give you sweet honey, chewy peanut butter and caramel after taste. Please try it with milk, we love this kind of nutty and sweet coffee. I bet you too.

How To Brew

Coming soon.