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What's Interesting

Worka Cooperative is well known as cooperative that producing top Ethiopia specialty coffee. Previously we had Work Wuri which is special selection coffee produced by collabration between Worka Cooperative and world Batista champion Berg-Wu. We are extremely happy with the coffee quality and looking into to get another Worka's coffee. Worka Sakaro owned and run by Gelgelu Edema cater nearly 410 local farmers during harvest season. As what we expected from Worka cooperative, this complex has depth layer of flavor. We totally flavor such as blueberries and grapes which produced by natural process. The coffee has high clarity where you can stills taste the same note even when already at room temperature. We could only say Worka Sakaro will never fail any natural flavor. If you like those 'dark' and heavy tones berries notes then Worka Sakaro it is you cup of coffee.

How To Brew

Worka Cooperative live up to their reputation. After had Berg-Wu series now we came back with another offering from Sakaro washing station also run by Worka Cooperative. This coffee is packed with berries and chocolaty taste notes. This is how natural Ethiopia used to taste and it is good to see some producer still maintaining classic origin flavors. The chocolaty taste is quite prominent from Worka Sakaro coffee, so we decided to use December dripper with coarse grind size. Combination of flat bottom with shallow coffee bed help to create balance acidity fruits flavors while maintaining chocolaty texture. We also reduced the brewing time to ensure the level of intensity for each quality taste will be even.