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Blue Submarine

Breaking down coffee quality to the core has been a passion for small micro roaster like Arkib. Since 2021, we have been heavily involved at the farm level to indulge in coffee farm practices and coffee processing methods. This led to our first venture, working together with the producer to create custom-processed coffee for Arkib and naming it the Protokol series. The whole collection features specific coffee processing methods designed by Arkib to highlight the uniqueness of the processing while retaining the origin's signature taste.

Kundang is our processing method, batch no. 0029, with 120 hours of natural anaerobic and 48 hours of natural submerged. The combination of hot and cold anaerobic fermentation created complex tropical fruit flavours with much more diverse taste notes. Especially with submerged natural fermentation, the coffee has more intense berries that taste like blueberries, compote, and lavender.

Red, ripe cherries were carefully sorted and fermented for 120 hours of natural anaerobic fermentation and went further for another 48 hours of submerged natural fermentation. The cupping result gives us complex taste notes of mangoesteen, lavender, purple grape, and blueberry compote.

The Producer

Direct trade provides access to specialty coffee roasters like Arkib to expand their coffee expertise in fieldwork. Working together with Subarda Minang Solok, we have carried out countless experimental processes to push the quality boundary of specialty coffee. Under Yani, head coffee processor at Subarda, all our experimental coffee is meticulously processed and well taken care of to ensure we achieve a precise processing result.

Located in Danau Kembar, Air Dingin, Solok, his coffee farm has a unique microclimate. Even at medium elevation, we observed that the growing area experienced chill weather around 14–20 °C on a normal day, which provided a cool temperature to grow coffee. It allows slow cherry maturation and allows the coffee to develop a more complex flavour. This is further combined with full red cherry picking quality control. Yani coffee is one of the most consistent and complex flavours that we have ever worked on.

Subarda Minang Solok is one of the coffee products that we have known about, utilising a green house drying house, which is really helpful for producers who live in tropical climate countries. In addition to allowing the cherries to dry properly during the rainy season, green houses also provide a control environment that allows producers to regulate the drying period. This helps the producer fine-tune the coffee flavour and increase the coffee consistency.

    • Cupping Score 88.75pts

      strawberry, watermelon, tropical fruits, blueberries, bubblegum, lollipop, mixed berries, chocolate cadburry, mango, guava, candy marshmallow

      pickle, mangoesteen, mango, honeydew, dates, grape, blueberry, toffee

      blueberry, leather fruits, grape, mango, mangoesteen, blackberry, strawberry, dates, raisin, pinot noir, grape syrup, sarsaparilla, licorice, cedarwood

      leather fruits, blackberry, lingering, long

      medium | phosphoric, sparkling, complex, grape, deep, complex

      medium high | syrup, deep, round, sarsaparilla

      well balanced, structured, layered, deep, pointed

      heavy berries notes with complex tropical fruits finishing
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