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The Natal Region

Sourcing coffee directly from Indonesia is never a simple task. While it has a century-long history of coffee trading, most coffee has lost its traceability when served in the form of a cup to customers. For a specialty coffee roaster like Arkib, keeping all information intact is part of our priority and goal. It is no different when we start sourcing coffee from one of the most coffee sacred origin Mandailing, Sumatra. It was known as the world's first-traded specialty coffee.

Our search brought us to meet Sofyan Ali, who is Mandailing born and bred. Coming from Mandailing, Sofyan always wants to lift up Mandailing as one of the best coffee origins that come from Indonesia. Mandailing has a unique terroir to grow arabica since it is located along a volcanic crater, creating fertile soil for coffee growing. Together with local people, he sourced from Mandailing coffee, which comes from seven different villages and is mainly processed as fully washed coffee.

This particular coffee was sourced from Sibanggor village, located on the slopes of the Sorik Marapi mountain. They mainly plant Sigararutang and Typica varietals, which produce clean and good-quality cups. We keep it at a light-medium roast profile, which gives such a sweet cup lots of soft stone fruit character. The coffee has delicious tasting notes of peach, apple, golden syrup, and brown sugar.

The Producer

Indonesia's specialty coffee industry is going through changes with a new wave of young coffee producers. These types of coffee producers not only produce top-quality coffee but also carry pride in their work, which significantly contributes to traceability and transparency in sourcing coffee from origin. Determined to make a change, Sofyan Ali moved to Yogjakarta, Java, with the goal of introducing traceable Mandailing coffee to the local market.

Starting with 70 kg in 2021, Sofyan created Onma coffee and sent samples to coffee roastery around Yogjakarta to promote Mandailing coffee. Like most of the cases, not many coffee roastery dare try new coffee sold by unknown coffee producers. Despite the challenge, Sofyan slowly gained trust and started to sell to small roastery. From 7 kg per month, and now he is able to sell 600–700 kg per month. This does not come easy without his commitment to produce better coffee. He keeps asking for feedback from coffee roasters, which is crucial to helping small coffee producers like him alter the processing method and maintain consistency in producing good coffee.

At Arkib, we are happy to partner with small producers like Onma Coffee, which has a vision and goal to produce traceable specialty coffee. Moving forward, we are looking to seasonally offer Mandailing coffee sourced from seven villages around the Maindailing region. Nothing beats the excitement of sourcing, roasting, and offering coffee directly from its origin.

    • Cupping Score 84.75pts

      spices, coriander, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder, clove

      nutmeg, anise, clove, bayleaf, walnut, chestnut, sarsaparilla

      spices, clove, orange, bayleaf, sweet syrupy, brown sugar, starfruit, peach

      clean, balance

      medium low | citrus acidity, round, orange

      medium high | light syrup, brown sugar

      harmony, pointed, structured, elegant

      clean, sweet stone fruits with smooth syrupy body
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