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In Tradition

Coming from Central America, Panama is known for producing some of the finest coffee in the world. Savage Coffee is a household name that has a reputation for producing top-quality Panama coffee through expert coffee fermentation and drying techniques. Founded by Jamison Savage, a significant figure who introduced the carbonic maceration process to the specialty coffee industry. Savage Coffee is an initiative by Jamison to help neighboring coffee farmers without facilities produce good coffee.

Under the Savage Coffee brand, Jamison will meticulously select coffee varietals and choose the right processing method to highlight the origin and terroir character. This particular lot is made from a single coffee varietal, Caturra, with traditional natural processes. Caturra, known as fruity and juicy coffee, develops a much more complex flavor with natural processes. The coffee has a deep and complex flavor of boysenberry and cherry pickles that give it a jammy, sweet, and savory taste. The fruitiness of drinking grape juice and the hibiscus tea finish make this coffee such a rewarding drinking experience.

The Producer

Savage Coffee was founded by Jamison Savage, who is better known as the man behind Finca Deborah coffee. While Finca Deborah is a coffee estate that solely focuses on producing top-end specialty coffee and producing exotic varietals like Geisha, Pacamara, Sidra, or SL-28 with an experimental process, Savage Coffee is a Jamison initiative to help neighbor coffee farmers without a good facility to produce good coffee. Savage Coffee will buy cherries from smallholder farmers, and using their expertise in processing, they will make several types of processing, such as carbonic maceration, anaerobic, natural, and washed.

The world was rocked by the carbonic maceration processing method when Jamison and Sasa Sectic from Ona introduced this coffee to the coffee barista championship. Inspired by the wine technique, Jamison started to work on the carbonic maceration process with Geisha coffee. It took a few years to perfect the method, and finally it won the barista championship in 2015. His innovation of carbonic maceration has opened new possibilities for the coffee industry, and we are excited to share a piece of history by offering the Savage coffee collection.

    • Cupping Score 89.00pts

      blueberry, huckleberry, violet, lavender, grape, complex, milk chocolate

      tropical fruits, vanilla, raisin, dates

      sparkling cola, grape juice, plum, rum, vanilla, tropical fruits, boysenberry, cherry pickle, hibiscus tea

      aromatic, lingering, long

      medium high | citrus, blueberry fruitiness, refreshing, lively

      medium | clean, smooth

      pointed, balance, intense, high flavour clarity, composed, harmony

      deep and complex berries oriented flavour with intense tropical fruits sweetness
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