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What's Interesting

Whenever we try any new region, we will try to get both natural and fully washed to understand dynamic flavors that origin can offer. Beside Trapiche natural, we are very happy to purchased this coffee to let our audience taste the clarity of origin flavors. Alasitas farm is slightly lower around 100m compare to Trapiche but still has exceptional flavors that you can expect from rare coffee varietal like Java.

Bolivia is not really know as specialty coffee producer until breakthrough by Geisha Finca Takesi. Since then Bolivia gain good reputation producing top lot specialty coffee and Pedro Rodriguez coffee has caught lot of attention of most international coffee buyer. He is really particular and expert from managing farm until select suitable process for each lot of coffee. Alasitas Java is another exceptional fully washed coffee that you can expect Bolivia specialty coffee. It has dominant floral lemongrass and jasmine aroma. Alasitas has really vibrant acidity like white grapes with really goes well with creamy cashew texture. If you like clean cup with juicy and vibrant acidity, Alasitas Java is your kind of cup.

How To Brew