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Coffee Villa

It is always exciting to work with coffee growers who are passionate about producing specialty coffee. Introducing Bunga Coffee, who owned the Datar Kondang farm located in Bogor. We were first introduced to Bunga Coffee through our long-time partner, Empus Said, when we were searching for sustainable and high-quality coffee from Java Island.

Bunga Coffee was established in 2020 and is owned by Opa Iskandar, who takes care of the farm with his son Rizky. The coffee farm started with a small 2-hectare farm mainly focused on growing the Sigararutang coffee varietal and was further expanded to a 10-hectare farm with new coffee varietals such as Typica and Yellow Caturra. This coffee is blessed with abundant water resources coming from the nearest river flowing through the farm. This is what separates Datar Kondang washed coffee from other farms, where clean and fresh water supplies give attributes to clean and fruity fully washed coffee.

The Producer

When we visit Bunga Coffee, we are specifically focusing on the Sigararutang coffee varietal since it is a robust coffee varietal that has high productivity and good cup quality. Surprisingly, Bunga coffee farming techniques such as proper pruning and fertilising the coffee farm improve the cup quality.

Compared to average Sigarautang body, Datar Kondang coffee has medium-high body quality and intense coffee sweetness like vanilla and sugarcane. The acidity is crisp and fruity, reminiscent of a fresh coffee cherry. The cup profile is well balanced and almost reminds us of clean, fully washed Colombian coffee. It is an exciting time to celebrate milestones for Indonesian coffee producers. We are thrilled to offer Datar Kondang coffee in our Carbon Neutral Series.

    • Cupping Score 86.00pts

      caramel, creme brulee, plum, nectar, floral, dried blood orange, sugarcane

      caramel, cherry, floral, vanilla, white flower

      cherry, sugarcane, caramel, tea-like, candy, chrysanthemum, peach, nectarine

      clean, quick

      medium low | citrus, balance, clean

      medium high | comfort

      harmony, structured, well balance, clean flavour

      vibrant citrus flavour with well balance body and sweetness
    • Roasting Schedule

      Retail Order

      Roasting on every Wednesday

      Delivery on same day

      Cafe Partner Order

      Roasting on every Sunday

      Delivery on next day
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