<center>BOLLODU ABIYOT AGEZE </center>
    <center>BOLLODU ABIYOT AGEZE </center>


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What's Interesting

You know you are a big fan of Arkib Kopi if you buy our natural coffee offering. It is hard not to like a natural process Ethiopia coffee when you smell fruity and berries aroma. But Bollodu it is not your typical 'funky' natural process. This coffee has clean flavors and light acidity just like a clean cup of fully washed. Based on our experience this type of natural process coffee only can be produced by expert coffee producer. Thanks to Abiyot Ageze mill manager of Bollodu. His skill in managing and monitoring this natural process coffee has give Bollodu coffee a clean cup of natural coffee.

We taste lots of bright tropical fruits such as apricot, peach and lemonade. The flavors change to yogurt taste as it cool down. The sweetness remind of sugarcane juice sweetness but at moderate intensity. Tropical fruits sensation like peach and apricot are more prominent when the coffee is totally cool down. You can hate all Ethiopian natural but please not this one. Give your heart a chance to love Bollodu coffee. Cheers!

How To Brew

We love yogurt taste from Bollodu coffee. This brewing recipe is our common brew with normal brew ratio and 3 pouring steps. At medium grind size this coffee is has more acidity rather than body. Our recommendation if you want to highlight peach and yogurt taste you may adjust brew ratio to 1:15 and below. Lower temperature will reduce sharpness of lemonade acidity which will give you more sweetness of peach and apricot. Please share with us on your recipe so we can try it out too! Enjoy your so called 'fully washed coffee' Bollodu!