<center>AL QAFR </br>- HAWARI -</center>
    <center>AL QAFR </br>- HAWARI -</center>


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What's Interesting

There are 2 coffee totally have changed the way we see specialty coffee. First is Sulawesi Toraja coffee and second is Yemen Mocca. Our first encounter with Yemen coffee was 4 years ago when we had a morning blind cupping session. There is no label and all coffee was access based on their own quality. These 2 coffee were something different and give excitement when we cup it. One cup was floral and has bright acidity almost like lime and next cup has unique aroma of shisa, winey and strawberry. The taste so rustic yet delicious and lingering in mouth. After the cupping session we got to know the first cup was Toraja Toarco Fully Washed and second cup was Yemen Mocca Matari.

In general Ethiopia is known for birth place of coffee but some tales mentioned Yemen is the place where it begins. As coffee lover we embrace all the stories and keep loving drinking Yemen coffee. Yemen Moccaa Hawari is different from typical Yemen coffee which is popular with rustic cup profile. Mocca Hawari surprisingly has a clean cup profile with tropical fruits such as banana and blueberry. The sweetness is like a blend of tea and muscat almost make you feel like drinking a tea instead coffee. Last sip of this coffee we smell nice aroma of minyak atar. There is something about Yemen coffee and Mocca Hawari has lots of secret for you to unveil.

How To Brew

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