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What's Interesting

Thing that we love Ethiopia you will never end discover new coffee. After the trading policy has been more flexible to coffee producer we start to see a patern emerge where small farmers will group together and run their own processing station or dry mill by themselves. With new ECX(Ethiopia Coffee Exchange) local farmers who own export permit can sell directly their coffee to international buyer. This is definitely good news that has been waiting by alll Ethiopia coffee lover.

Arsasola is one of the washing station founded due to positive change in Ethiopia. Located in Uraga, this washing station cater around 12,000 small farmers around Uraga woreda. Average small farmers in Ethiopia own 1.2-1.5 hectare coffee farm and able to produce around 1000kg - 3500kg green bean depend how they manage the coffee farm. Due to small number of production sending coffee to washing station allow small farmers to focusing more or farm management rather than dealing with complexity of supply chain.

We tried Uraga coffee around 2 years ago on cupping table. It was the best natural coffee that we had during cupping session. Clean, vibrant acidity and floral are our type of coffee. That's make us to fall in love with Arsosala. This is the most clean natural process Uraga coffee that we ever tried and floral fragrance and aroma is so good exactly like a super floral fully washed Ethiopian coffee. Hands down to Arsasola for all day long coffee.

How To Brew

We love Guji coffee flavors intensity. Arsasola packed with floral and berries aroma and that's make it so enjoyable during brewing. We are using standard Golden Cup brew ratio 1:18. Meaning 1 gram coffee to 18ml of water. We crafted the roast profile to suite this brewing ratio and you still can able to taste full coffee flavors even at 1:18 brewing ratio (usually home brewers prefer 1:15 -1:17 brewing ratio for intense coffee flavors). We choose to go this way to allow coffee drinker enjoy the flavors change from warm to room temperature. Since most of our coffee has high solubility using brewing ratio 1:18 allow you to capture more subtle flavors such as floral notes. December dripper is our choice for balance cup of Arsasola coffee.