<center>ATTIKAN</br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>
    <center>ATTIKAN</br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>


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What's Interesting

India? We bet you never thought Arkib Kopi will carry coffee from unpopular region. That's what make Arkib Kopi such a unique boutique coffee roaster. We are keep searching and looking for coffee that make us excited. We have roasting service for our wholesale client and some of them send us India coffee. We are blown away by how good is modern day India coffee. In general India really famous and well known for Monsoon Malabar coffee. Typically, it has low acidity and earthy flavors which has become favorite for some coffee drinker. But that not the case when it comes to Attikan coffee produced by S. Appadurai one of producer from Sangameshwar Estates.

This Indian such an amazing coffee. It has unique coconut, marmalade and plum. We love how anaerobic amplify the flavors' intensity. The acidity taste like sweet sour tamarind and velvet texture make Attikan such a comfort cup. We highly recommend this coffee for adventurous coffee drinker. Medium roast is a perfect roast level to bring all coffee character from pineapple and grapes aroma until comfort taste of coconut, marmalade and plum.

How To Brew

Coming soon.