<center>BALI KINTAMANI </br> SUBAK ABIAN</center>
    <center>BALI KINTAMANI </br> SUBAK ABIAN</center>


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What's Interesting

Arkib Kopi won't exist without Bali Kintamani coffee. Our story begin when our head coffee roaster Helmi bought the first 2 kg green bean Bali Kintamani coffee from Seniman Coffee roaster in Ubud. Both were fully washed and natural coffee. Like a wild child Helmi started learn how to roast on his own. From 2 kg to  Arkib Kopi fulltime, Bali coffee certainly has special place in Arkib Kopi.

Bali coffee has complexity that make it unique compare to other Indonesian coffee. While most of Indonesian rely on sweetness and body quality to stand out in cupping table, Bali coffee able to shine out with intense tropical fruits. Subak Abian compare will hit your nose with strong jack fruits and strawberry aroma. The flavors remain tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and grapes. The aftertaste has slightly winey aroma lingering at front of palate. Coffee will taste winey when it gets to room temperature. We taste consistent tamarind, grapes, raisin and pineapple when totally cool down. Not for faint heart, but pat yourself on the back if you dare to try this coffee.

How To Brew

Acidity gives a lively feeling in a cup of specialty coffee. As much this coffee taste nice on sweeter taste profile, we can't just resist getting tropical fruits flavors as much as we can. Reduce pouring steps to 3 steps will increase more extraction of acidity while keeping sufficient oil and sediment for silky body. In final cup we taste prominent jack fruits, pineapple and hints of strawberry taste. Seem December dripper produce more structured flavors rather than complex cup. We suggest home brewers to experiment with V60 dripper to create more complex spectrum flavors. But we do enjoy our brewing with December dripper. Cheers!