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What's Interesting

Banko Gotiti is a solid bullet proof name of high quality coffee.Does not matter where you have Banko Gotiti coffee, it always deliver the promise of specialty coffee. A coffee that represent terroir taste.  Banko Gotiti washing station owned by Birhanemeskel Abera collected and process coffee cherries from 650 farmers live nearby washing station. As private washing station, focusing the quality is the only way to  go in order to keep the business sustainable in long run.

In general Yirgacheffe coffee known as tea-like coffee and Abera coffee has Yirgacheffe DNA. What's make it so interesting is the coffee quality. This coffee smell so floral and at some point we clearly can smell fresh lemongrass fragrance and aroma. Abera coffee has taste of strawberry, vanilla, lemongrass and red berries. It is an interesting coffee when you can clearly lemongrass flavor and with red berries sweetness. We would enjoy this coffee after a long day of work. Super clean and intense tea and berries flavors.

How To Brew

Our approach in brewing always break into 2 style which are classic or balance cup taste profile. Classic taste profile is more toward origin/terroir character while balance cup is more towards competition style taste. We recall Yirgacheffe as a tea-like coffee and we can't help to use V60 to let it shine. Since tea-like flavors tend to taste like a diluted coffee we choose to use low brew ratio 1:14.5. We are using medium grind size with 3 pour steps to keep optimum extraction during brewing. The key to get a good brewing result is configuring suitable extraction speed. This is exactly what we try to achieve with configuration of low brewing ratio and medium grind size. All we know that it is freaking delicious and floral aroma coffee. The lemongrass aroma and flavors is so intense and it really remind our head roaster of his first memorable Yirgacheffe from Comman Man Coffee roaster. The tea flavor come with strawberry and blueberries sweetness. We taste orange flavors when it is cools down but the floral aroma still remain. Will Arkib Kopi buy again Banko Gotiti? 100% without no doubt!