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What's Interesting

When it comes to Ethiopia coffee, Arkib has been offering solid top specialty coffee producer in our lineup. Daya Bensa definitely is in our top list. From OdakaShantawaneDuwancho, they are surgeon in producing specialty coffee. Even for normal offering like fully washed Ethiopian, Daya Bensa keep their standard high.

This is our latest coffee from Sagara. While orthodox fully washed Ethiopia coffee known as floral and tea-like, Sagara is none of them. The quality crafted through fully washed method producing heavy notes which is exceptional for a fully washed coffee. One of thing that we can share is it could be the terroir influence. From our past coffee buying experience, Sidama coffee lean toward heavy berries side especially on natural process. Fully washed is a brilliant processing method choice to shape a well balance flavors coffee with extra touch.

Roaster Notes

During sample roast I was a bit greedy to see how far it can go. Fully washed Ethiopia usually can take a lot of heat due to high density and hard to lose origin character even at darker roast. Sagara is beautiful coffee. From fragrance, aroma, flavors and aftertaste, it nailed all aspect of specialty coffee. In final cup, I was rewarded with intense aroma and flavors of berries notes such as grapes and blueberry. Sometime berries notes taste much better on fully washed since it has decent body texture to let the flavors shine. When I was almost finishing the cupping, the sweetness of baker's chocolate start to dangling in my mouth. It is perfect sensation for morning coffee. While most of fully washed is a bit fancy for morning coffee, I think Sagara offer something more comfort taste with berries and chocolaty notes. Such a classic Sidama coffee. Now bring my croissant please!

- Helmi -