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What's Interesting

Limu coffee always has a soft spot in our heart. We remember all Arkib Kopi first offering. From Kenya Kaguimoini, Nicaragua Maragogype until Ethiopia Limu Gera. We have crystal clear memory of our first coffee. Limu coffee particularly has medium heavy body and berries flavors. The jammy berries sweetness make Limu coffee different compare to other region like Yirgacheffe or Harrar.

What make Limmu Shone special? This is our first certified organic coffee from Ethiopia. We are big fan of organic coffee since we believe by practicing organic farming we can really taste 'true' coffee flavors. Somehow we think we got it right when we tried Limmu Shone coffee. Eventhough it is natural process, Limmu Shone has unique earl grey tea with pleasant citric bergamot flavor. Just like drinking a sweet tea, Limmu Shone sweetness taste like white sugar. Bored with your tea drink? Try out our Limmu Shone, organic product is good for your health.

How To Brew

Who love organic coffee? Limmu Shone is definitely will be your favorite daily coffee for organic coffee lover. Certainly this kind of coffee has more simple flavors with high clarity. You can taste that 'fresh and raw' nature taste from this natural organic coffee. Usually we like to go coarse for natural Ethiopian coffee but since Limmu Shone has the quality of Earl Grey tea, we would like to highlight tea-like texture from this coffee using slightly medium fine grind size and 3 step pours. The brewing time will be slightly longer but nothing more than 3 minutes 30 second. We taste prominent Earl Grey tea and sugarcane sweetness. The tea-like flavors come out very nice with bergamot fruitiness when it is hot. The taste of white sugar when it totally cools down make us really love organic coffee. Nothing fancy, just pure coffee flavors from mother nature.