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What's Interesting

Welcome back Bolivia coffee! We miss a lot Bolivia coffee, especially from an excellent producer like Rodriguez. Last time we had Trapiche Java natural and Alasitas Java fully washed. Both were stellar coffee and we had nothing to say about the coffee beside smiling while roasting and drinking the coffee. Rodriguez own small business Agricafe which own 12 model farms in La Paz, located 10 kilometers form town Caranavi.

Waliki is the newest farm owned by Rodriguez. Located at 1600 msal, it has perfect condition for slow maturation of the cherries. We are very lucky to get our hand on this rare Java varietal from Waliki farm. Many thoughts it was come from Typica mutation but it appears to come from Ethiopian land race population called abbysinia. Java has good leaf rust and CBD attack resistant which make good alternative coffee varietal.

Roaster Notes

Fantastic! Beside Geisha, Pacamara.. I'm are big fan of Java coffee. Even though big and oval shape can give you a challenge during roasting, it is worth every sip. I have tried this coffee previously roasted by Australian coffee roaster champion Brut coffee and immediately fall in love with the creaminess and subtle flavors from Waliki Java. The body smoothness and comfort aftertaste is second to none. Definitely not a complex cup for fancy coffee lover, but the clarity flavor of coconut, pecan and mango are more than enough the keep me happy when enjoy it. Well balanced flavors, high flavors clarity and comfort drinking coffee experience gave Waliki Java a special spot in my heart.

- Helmi -