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What's Interesting

Back in 2018, long before Emi Fukohari won her first world brewers cup championship few people aware Brazil coffee potential. Known as biggest coffee producer, Brazil is popular choice of commercial grade coffee. Emi Fukohari win has swiftly changed tide in specialty coffee scene. People start wondering how good is her coffee since it is Brazil coffee and hard to believe that such a high quality coffee can win the brewers' championship. Thanks to Daterra Farm who is mastermind behind the Laurina coffee used by Emi. Since her winning, we have been fascinated aboout Daterra. We keep an eye on any Daterra coffee and try to get our hands on it whenever it is possible.

Daterra has classified their offering in 3 tiers which are Masterpiece (micro-lot, special rpocess), Collection Daterra (Daterra Penta Process coffee) and Daterra Classic (perfect for blend and sinlge origin espresso). We bought each one from Collection Daterra and Daterra Classic. Daterra Blossom Terra is from Collection and our favorite pick for Brazil filter coffee. We think to perceive filter coffee as fruity and juicy coffee is naive opinion. We believe by celebrate origin flavors is appropriate way to approach specialty filter coffee. Daterra Blossom Terra resemble a smooth body and chewy flavors. Prominent flavor of pecan and walnut that give excellent sugar browning quality. The acidity is very low but it still has gentle savory and almost make you think like biting cream cheese.


Roaster Notes

Never say never! Rule No. 2 in learning about coffee. We love to bring unfamiliar coffee into our coffee selection. We feel like some of choice in market and put home brewers in stagnant position by keep offering same origin coffee. We think Daterra Blossom Terra is perfect choice. It is super clean, lots of sweet sugar browning make it more friendly to any beginner in home brewing. I have been hunting Daterra for a while. Daterra coffe eis a big name and in some cases coffee come in small quanitities. Lucky us, we manage to get enough amount to release for our home coffee brewers fan, This coffee is so gentel and sweet on on your palate. My Hario V60 is my main choice to balance out heavy body compound from get into final cup. 

- Helmi -