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What's Interesting

People choice! You request we deliver. Brazil coffee if undeniable crowd favorite espresso coffee origin. Straight bold and chocolaty cup, that is all about classic Brazil espresso. This arrival is fresh 2020 crop which delivery great intensity of red apple, sugar syrup and chocolaty flavors. This is our 2nd time to have Lagao Samba back in our offering. If you are craving for making a chocolaty latte for lovely one, get this coffee and go enjoy watching Netflix.

Roaster Notes

I'm bit particular about harvest date. I'm trying to get fresh crop for our offering. For quality control, we taste major different of past crop and fresh crop. The coffee flavors most likely will taste similar but the intensity and clarity drastically drop. Fresh crop of Lagao Samba solved major issue of espresso coffee quality. I really enjoy to roast, cup, pack and put this coffee on our online retail store. Happy to know our customer will enjoy their chocolaty Brazil coffee. Have you got your?

- Helmi -