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What's Interesting

The story begin in 1988 when Mr. Zico started Vinhal Cafés Artesanais. He started with 2 farms Fazenda Estreala and Fazenda Recanto located in Serra do Salitere, Cerrado Mineiro region. Vinhal Cafés is a family-run business and everyone in duty is absolutely passionate about coffee. Zico son's Afonso took over the farm when he passed away, alongside with his wife Marcelia. Nowadays, with his children Rafael and Marcelia involved in running the business there are lots of development on their brand and coffee business.

We are extremely excited to present experimental triple honey process from Vinhal Cafés. This method consist of three phase of fermentation. Once coffee is harvested, it will wash and put in tank to separate the ripe cherries. Selected ripe cherries with be put into big bag with liner and went through anaerobic fermentation. Once first stage fermentation is complete, they will wash the coffee to bring down the cherries temperature.

Before the coffee going further for 2nd phase it will be depulped using no water and all the cherries will put in the tank together with 100% mucilage. Therefore they name it as triple honey process since 2nd stage fermentation is a coffee fermentation with mucilage. Finally they add the water to initiate 3rd phase of fermentation. The objective of 3rd phase fermentation is to using water to take out or clean all leftover mucilage on coffee parchment to give uniformity result on produced coffee. 

We would like to say thank you very much to Vinhal Cafés to provide precise information of triple honey coffee processing method. Arkib is an honor to share their works with our coffee lover. We are truly blessed to be able to buy, roast and sell transparent coffee. May god bless all good coffee farmers.

Roaster Notes

I think it funny journey when I look back into my specialty coffee career. I start to roasting back then because I was thought no one can roast kind of coffee that I love to drink. Then I feel the only specific will taste good and the rest is jut not up to specialty coffee standard. But everything change when I visited coffee farm in Indonesia. It humbles me as person and coffee roaster. There is so much variable in making good cup of coffee. In some situation it is not even in human hand but in God mercy. One thing major take away from my farm trip, it is crucial to find excellent coffee producer. It is not just enthusiasm, but it must come with skill set and desire to strive for improvement not perfection. That's what lead us to Vinhal Estate.

Vinhal Estate now been driven by young people like Afonso. Young blood with lots of passion in coffee and many things to prove. Vinhal Grape is their latest sophisticated processing method. It is common to hear orthodox process like natural, honey, fully washed or even anaerobic types of fermentation. But when you have skill to mixed up all these types of processing method in different stage, that's when new innovation is created. I was stoked when sampling this coffee. Grape aroma present in form of green bean and roasted. It gets more present when roasted bean rested fore few days.

Smile from ear to ear when cupping this coffee. The aroma, flavors, acidity, body, aftertaste all point to fanta grapes, blueberry and walnuts flavors. It is definitely not your average Brazil coffee and Vinhal estate deserve credit for producing this outstanding. Somehow this coffee reminds me of Diego Samuel from El Paraiso who are famous with his Lychee process coffee. We are proud and happy to discover this coffee and share with our coffee lover. Now Vinhal Grape enter our compulsory annual coffee. You can expect to see this coffee yearly basis. Gracias Vinhal Estate!

- Helmi -