<center>CARMELITA COCO<br>- CATURRA -</center>
    <center>CARMELITA COCO<br>- CATURRA -</center>


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What's Interesting

Bolivia and Ecuador are new coffee region to Arkib Kopi. The Latest offering was featured coffee from Bolivia Alasitas and Equador Juan Pena have made us fall in love with these regions. We are lucky to able source Bolivia again from Carmelita Coco. Bolivia and Equador coffee are slightly expensive compare to other similar offering from other region due to high wages of cherry picker and cost production. Hence, we believe the quality that Carmelita offer is worth every single cent of your money to spend.

We are extremely happy to discover Carmelita coffee. Even it only Caturra varietal, natural process has highlighted the best flavor her coffee can offer. This coffee sit between edge of 'funky' and berries flavors coffee. We taste sweet blueberries with texture of marshmallow. The acidity remind me of sweet mango and Carmelita coffee it enjoyable either when it is hot or cool down. There is always first time for anyone. If it you, come and get a bag of Carmelita coffee for you to try.

How To Brew

Typical natural process has lots of sugar and sweetness. Carmelita coffee packed with heavy blueberries notes with make us instantly fall in love with it. Using our standard 3 pouring steps, we choose V60 since it want to give it a little of complexity beside blueberries' sweetness. We used ceramic V60 to keep coffee sweetness while maintain momentum of extraction. Final cup taste of tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple. The blueberries note not really hit your palate until it getting cool down. We find the texture taste like marshmallow when it totally cools down. If you prefer juiciness of this coffee use high temperature and slightly coarser grind size. It will increase acidity intensity. Like Blueberries? If not how about pineapple? Then Carmelita coffee is the best option for you.