<center>CARMELITA COCO<br>- PEABERRY -</center>
    <center>CARMELITA COCO<br>- PEABERRY -</center>


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What's Interesting

In early days Peaberry was mistaken a defect of green coffee bean. Peaberry has round and oval shape. This condition was made when one the coffee seed in cherry pod not develop enough to form a seed. There the other coffee seed begin to grow and take over the whole space in cherry pod to form peaberry shape. We are lucky to have fully washed Peaberry too from Carmelita coffee along with our Caturra natural. This coffee quite dense and it is challenging for Arkib Kopi to roast.

This is our second peaberry coffee after Teran Peaberry coffee. We high density like Carmelita Peaberry coffee required aggressive approach to get fully developed roasting profile. We used plenty heat across roasting process and finally able to achieve desirable roasting degree.Once a while roasting coffee like Carmelita Peaberry is what make a coffee roaster life exciting. When a roaster is happy your coffee is good. Trust Arkib Kopi!

How To Brew

Fully washed proper roasting profile is a piece of cake to brew. Even at coarse grind size it is manageable to get a balance cup. This coffee has juicy acidity that remind us of good Kenyan fully washed. It is not exactly intense like a fully washed Kenya coffee but just barely enough for us to call it Kenya-ish acidity. We used coarser grind size to brew more towards Nordic coffee preference. Final cup taste Kenyai-ish flavors, plum flavor and graham cracker sweetness. The flavors toward darker notes such as plum, dates and oolong tea as it cools down. You know it is good coffee when you can taste tropical fruits acidity. Go get em'.