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    <center>ALETA</br> WENDO</center>


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What's Interesting

Sidama known as one of the famous coffee growing region. Name like Hambela and Guji growing actually come from Sidama region. Most of the farmers are cooperative members which have joined force to form Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. Under union umbrella coffee farmers has better access on coffee farming education and financing to allow them get through harvest season before able to get their paycheck. Aleta Wendo is one of coffee growing area where coffee farmers have become parts of union members.

We love Sidama coffee for funky stuff. If you love berries and tropical fruits, this is your perfect coffee growing region. We could not stop smile when taste this coffee, pickup sweet lychee, bright raspberry acidity, sweet watermelon body and chocolaty finishing. Compare to classic Sidama coffee, Aleta Wendo slightly cleaner but maintain Sidama funkiness flavors. We roasted this coffee at medium roast since we are craving for berries flavors and chocolaty sweetness. Such a perfect coffee for milk based drink. It also tastes superb on filter coffee. Old school taste, rounded and sweet.

How To Brew

Coming soon.