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What's Interesting

Such a clean and fruity natural processed Ethiopia coffee. You know it is an excellent natural process coffee if you taste bright acidity and fruity flavors. Cheri coffee is a stellar coffee from a famous coffee growing area Guji zone. Cheri washing station located in small Cheri village which cater harvest from small local producers. Most of Ethiopia coffee farmers own small acre land to plant coffee tress. They usually harvest the coffee cherries and send it to coffee nearest mill for further process.

Roaster Notes

I'We love this kind of natural coffee. Clean and fruity. In general natural process tend to produce fruity notes flavors but some cases it ends up covered with bad fermentation smell. Cheri coffee is straight fruits flavors and sweetness. It tastes fruity stone fruits such as apricot and grapes. The body is smooth following with black tea after taste. It might taste like tea when it was hot but we are pretty sure it was coffee when it cools down. We prefer to enjoy this coffee as straight black or you can try double ristretto shot for milk based drink.

- Helmi-