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What's Interesting

If you have been following Arkib for quite long time, we regularly brought in coffee varietal such as Pacaramara or Maragogype. These big size coffee are not only unique in size but always bring interesting coffee flavors during cupping. In general, Pacamara known as sweet and good texture coffee. We have tried Maragogype from Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador. But this is our first time having Colombia Maragogype. Since Colombia know for balance and bright coffee, we would love to see how terroir influence the general varietal coffee flavors.

This Maragogype was produced by Henry Agustin Rodriguez. His coffee El Chirimoyo located in Buesaco municipality and has been grown coffee since young age. He is innovative farmer and always look for an opportunity to improve coffee quality. His Maragogype is one of his effort. This coffee is good representative of Henry work. A unique coffee from innovative coffee farmer.

Roaster Notes

We have keep this coffee in shelf for a quite some time. Now it is perfect time to release this coffee since we are curating clean coffee for December selection. I'm always excited to see a Maragogype coffee, beside being a rare coffee Maragogype has good overall coffee flavors and high coffee flavors clarity. I taste bright and slightly tangy taste that give a pomegranate flavors. There was herbal aroma and a little of it in brewed coffee.As it cools down it bit easier to taste all coffee flavor. I enjoy drinking Maragogype which has good clarity of pomegranate and peach flavors and anise after taste.

- Helmi -