<center>BELLA VISTA</br>F6 HONEY</center>


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What's Interesting

Lately we have been buying lots of coffee from Colombia. Even though we try to diversify our offering, it just comes back to Colombia. Most of the time we are attracted to coffee varietal and experimental process. But it is different case with Bella Vista. We heard from most of the friend home coffee brewer mentioned they are impressed by Bella Vista coffee. We love to talk just purely about coffee brewing and left all conversation about roasting and coffee farm at the door. It gives us good insight on actual experience of brewing coffee at home. Our idea to showcase this coffee with our touch.

Well we lied, this is F6 varietal and again on top of crowd favorite  we are also eager to taste this uncommon varietal. In the past Colombia was devastated by La Roya or leaf rust disease. It was a scary situation since it almost wipe out the country coffee production. Back then most of the coffee farm was planted Caturra varietal which has high quality cup quality but prone to leaf rust disease. After La Roya disaster, local gov started to cultivate mix varietal majorly has Timor trait or Robusta gene. The idea is to create high resistance disease varietal but still producing decent or good coffee quality. Then we begin to see varietal like Castillo, F6, CatimorColombi etc. replacing old coffee tree.

One thing we but hesitate to purchase mixed Timor gene coffee is it still has sensation of Robusta taste in final cup. It is prominent but as Q grader our palate bit sensitive and easily to pickup hints of Timor varietal herbal taste especially on fully washed process. But interesting part when farmer chooses different process like natural or honey process. These process manage to turn varietal F6 taste profile towards intense and complex cup. Bella Vista F6 honey is excellent result of combination non-washed Timor mixed gene coffee. Our bad, we just too geeks with coffee process and hope you enjoy this pieces of puzzle.

Roaster Notes

Slurpppppppppppppppppppppppp. Super happy!. When choosing this coffee for April Terang-SO we are a bit worried on how F6 will perform on final cup taste. What we know, it must be natural or honey, so we can mask the herbal notes of Timor gene.  Finally, our guess is correct. This honey process deliver such a bright and crispy acidity with creamy body. The sensation of savory flavors give a perception of pomelo and cranberry. It is a bit intense but pleasant to drink. We love the honeydew melon sweetness and body. It is good texture and compliment the quality of acidity which make it such an enjoyable balance coffee. Such a relief and rewarding. Definitely will enjoy this F6 honey on my favorite dripper V60.

- Helmi -