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What's Interesting

In early days of specialty coffee waves there are few household names of Colombia coffee that emerge to international coffee scene. Name like La Palma El Tucan and Granja La Esperanza made their way through famous coffee roaster and international coffee competition. It is our pleasure to have back this beautiful Pacamara coffee varietal from Granja La Esperanza. We have been patiently waiting for this rare varietal to be available for purchase. First coffee that we bought from La Esperanza was Geisha Kamitsu fully washed. We still crystal clear can remember the tangerine and citrus orange flavors from Geisha Kamitsu. It is nostalgia feeling to have back La Esperanza on our selection.

This great producer has few notable farm under their name. One of it is Buenos Aires. Back in the days when Geisha was just make a way into specialty coffee, La Esperanza is one of early generation farmer who planted this varietal at their farm. They started to plant Geisha varietal at Buenos Aires farm and slowly expand to another part of their coffee farm. Major different that we feel between La Esperanza Geisha and another producer especially from Panama is their quality of acidity. We noticed Buenos Aires Geisha fully washed has better acidity clarity which almost similar to fresh flower scent. It is has less creamy texture but focus more on bright acidity quality fruits.

Roaster Notes

I have zero worries buying any La Esperanza coffee. That's how much i trust the quality produced by Granja La Esperanza. In fact it is my first Geisha coffee purchase beside Geisha from Finca Santa Teresa. Sometime people forget why Geisha is celebrated coffee varietal in specialty coffee world. Back then Esmeralda family discover Geisha coffee there is almost no coffee quality that can deliver fine floral scent and elegant flavor. Not until they accidentally cupping the coffee during farm trip at Esmeralda farm in Panama. I remember reading history article where it stated some of big name like Maruyama, William Boot and etc are among expert who are first group of coffee buyer buying this coffee. The rest is history when Geisha start make it way into coffee market.

In generally Geisha fully washed is favored by coffee drinker for fragrant jasmine aroma, gentle citrus acidity, creamy body and elegant after taste. I cup lots of coffee but nothing come close to fine flavors that you can get from fully washed Geisha. It just one of the thing only Geisha coffee has the attribute. No wonder Geisha coffee has constantly dominating coffee competition. It is rare coffee varietal, required lots of attention to grow and low harvest yield make it such expensive coffee. I'm happy to have Buenos Aires Geisha to share reminiscence of excellent fully washed Geisha coffee.

- Helmi -