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What's Interesting

This year we started to buy coffee directly from farmers. Through out our experience dealing first hand with coffee farmers, we get inside on few aspect that make major impact on coffee quality. People always perceive that high quality must come from superior coffee varietal. It is quite true in certain way but sourcing high quality required wide general knowledge and skillful assessment to determine key factor in producing outstanding specialty coffee. In general we notice there are 2 types of farmers, one who are growing coffee with basic coffee knowledge which producing good coffee. Another one is specialist in coffee growing, processing and flavor based on fermentation technique coffee producer. These type of specialist coffee producer usually has been trained under Q processing course and certified as Q coffee processor. Whenever we received and grading coffee produced by them we always amazed by distinct coffee quality that has been produced.

This is exactly what come to our mind when we cup El Placer Geisha produced by Sebastian Ramirez. El Placer in english mean 'pleasure' and it certainly a perfect word to describe experience when we cup his coffee. Some of Colombia Geisha that we have tried has bright acidity and monotone/boring flavors. El Placer Geisha definitely has spark back my love on Cololmbia coffee. This Geisha is super sweet and syrupy. The aroma is like perfume, it smell intense yet fresh like green apple. El Place Geisha has intense sweet green apples syrup with quality of crispy acidity that give you a sensation of guava. The aromatic aftertaste give a final touch to such an elegant geisha coffee. What a joy to cup a 90 points score coffee. 

Roaster Notes

I hardly to get excited for a Colombia Geisha coffee. In recent years, i found out some of Colombia Geisha is over price compare to the quality that it can deliver.But things change when i cup El Placer Geisha. It restore my faith on Colombia Geisha there is still a excellent geisha that worth it price. El Placer Geisha show me that it definitely required a passionate and skillful individual to produce such a magnificent coffee. Sebastian Ramires has done fantastic job by carefully produce this beautiful coffee. The most enjoyable part drinking this coffee is intense green aple syrup flavors. It taste so intense until i hardly to believe i'm drinking a coffee. I really enjoyed combination of fresh guava fruits taste, sweet acacia and green apple syrup. Finish your last sip with aromatic aftertaste is such a reward after perfected roasting profile.

- Helmi -