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What's Interesting

Colombia has emerged as big player in specialty coffee world. Name any coffee that has won international coffee competition, you will find one of winner come from this beautiful coffee producing country. Traditionally Colombia coffee produced as washed process since most of coffee farm has good access to water sourcer. As time goes by, specialty coffee has give a new breath to coffee processing method in Colombia. Nowadays coffee lover demand something new, something fresh, something fancy from specialty coffee producer.

Ema Ordonez is one of coffee farmer who is listening to change of tide in specialty coffee world. Her honey process ticked all our check boxes for Colombian coffee. Sweet yet taste good acetic acidity that has sensation like a yogurt in the same time still keep the signature of creamy Colombian coffee. This coffee taste profile has been achieved with proper drying process that took up 40 days to achieve desired moisture level. We feel sometime it is extremely difficult to do uncommon processing method without compromise the 'origin' flavor. However, Ema managed to get it done. We only can say WOW on cupping table. Definitely appreciate this simple honey process yet stunning in all aspect.

Roaster Notes

You can't call yourself a coffee lover if you never tried Colombia coffee. Once in your lifetime, you must drink a Colombia coffee. It is easily favored by crowd for lively acidity and creamy sweetness. Since la roya (leaf rust) attack has make coffee production vulnerable, we hardly see Caturra coffee come out from Colombia. Back in the day, Caturra has put Colombia in position as special coffee in the eyes of coffee green buyer for it clean acidity, medium body and sweet nut flavors. Since does not have high resistance to La Roya (leaf rust), Caturra has been replaced by Colombia or Castillo varietal which are more durable, thanks to mixed Robusta gene. Having single Caturra varietal back in our offering especially processed as honey process, it is such an enjoyable time to start 2021 with Ema coffee. More than what I can ask.

This coffee is very jammy. It packed with sweet sour flavors yet still taste quite fruity. I picked very sweet yogurt and fruit basket flavors. It hardly to pick certain fruits flavors but it enough complex like a puzzle in your head. The sweetness is something that make me enjoy drinking Colombia coffee. Not intense nutty flavors but subtle taste that remind me of biting cashew in cakes. What a coffee!. Ema honey is essential coffee for sweet tooth.

- Helmi -