<center>COLOMBIA</br>HORIZONTE VERDE</center>


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What's Interesting

One thing that interesting about Colombia coffee is it has 2 coffee harvest seasons. Primarily harvest will be around between October until January and secondary harvest will be around between April until June. Horizonte Verde was harvested during main harvest 2020-2021 and it just came at right time. There is one aspect that we are looking at when buying green bean coffee. It mus be fresh crop! .

Horizonte Verde produced by a group of specialty coffee grower called La Real Expidicion Botanica (LaREB) and led by a man named Herbert Penaloza. He is type of coffee farmers who are wiling to do experiment. Rather than just taking any advice from expert, Herbert will do everything by himself to ensure he achieved the quality that he want. We are extremely happy to have a coffee from farmer like Herbert who has similar approach like us when it comes to specialty coffee.

Roaster Notes

Lately I saw lots of good coffee coming from Quindio region. Name like Narimo, Val de Cauca or Narino already known worldwide for great coffee quality. Some of it already make it into international competition level. But i never heard such a good coffee come from Quindio. Previously we bought Pink Bourbon and Geisha from El Placer which also from Quindio. I was stunned by the quality and feel this region is kind of 'sleeping tiger'.

Horizonte Verde just another surprised from Quindio. It has complex flavors between complex citrus flavors like pomegranate and balance red berries fruitiness. I guess the honey process add more acidity spectrum for Colombia coffee. The coffee taste a bit more like tangerine as it cools down. Somehow I feel this coffee quite suitable to represent general. Classic bright and sweet Colombia coffee. Only irony part that it is honey process not traditional fully washed Colombia.

- Helmi -