<center>COLOMBIA</br>LA ESPERANZA</br>PACAMARA</center>


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What's Interesting

In early days of specialty coffee waves there are few household names of Colombia coffee that emerge to international coffee scene. Name like La Palma El Tucan and Granja La Esperanza made their way through famous coffee roaster and international coffee competition. It is our pleasure to have back this beautiful Pacamara coffee varietal from Granja La Esperanza. We have been patiently waiting for this rare varietal to be available for purchase. First coffee that we bought from La Esperanza was Geisha Kamitsu fully washed. We still crystal clear can remember the tangerine and citrus orange flavors from Geisha Kamitsu. We bet this Pacamara coffee will deliver similar experience to our coffee fan.

Pacamara is hybrid varietal between Maragogype and Pacas varietal. This varietal inherit excellent acidity quality from Maragogype (Typica mutation) and intense sweetness from Pacas (Bourbon mutation). Through natural process, La Esperanza Pacamara Natural is just a different ball game of specialty coffee. It has prominent tropical fruits driven flavors with attractive fruity aroma. Sometime it is sound unbelievable to a million people when a coffee really can taste like fruits.

Roaster Notes

First time I tried this Pacamara coffee when one of my barisata friend joined the national barista championship. She used La Esperanza Pacamara natural X.O process for her semi final barista routine. It is slightly different version of natural process where it went through 2 stages of fermentation process. The only thing that I can recall from tasting her coffee, it has intense purple fruits flavors. It is complex cup profile and moderate funky natural coffee taste. This pacamara is good, one day i must get it for Arkib offering lineup.

Nowadays I prefer more traditional natural or fully washed coffee for daily brew coffee. I find these 2 simple processing method is the closest method that producing origin flavors. I clearly can taste Pacamara fruitiness and it makes me like a kid in candy store on cupping table. From fragrance, aroma, acidity, body, aftertaste and in any angle La Esperanza Pacamara natural nailed it. The coffee ground fragrance smell so sweet like a delicate berries and gummy. The flavors are something I'm dying for, tropical fruits flavors wheels! Sweet mango cordial, very sweet peach jam and strawberry cakes yumminess.

This kind of coffee require no magic to brew. What you only need only water and coffee and then let the magic unfold. I might exaggerate the coffee flavors but i just can't help when it is La Esperanza coffee. The producer reputation speak itself. Such a great coffee from OG coffee producer. I'm humbled to roast a fine specialty coffee.

- Helmi -