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What's Interesting

When talking about Central America coffee, you must put Colombia coffee in the conversation. It is the most versatile coffee producer country that has 2 coffee harvest seasons all the year around. This advantage make them as main choice for any coffee roastery since it is easier in term of sourcing fresh and good green bean from origin. Colombia known as a sweet coffee and balance. It is an excellent choice for espresso or filter coffee. We personally love Colombia because it has wide range of good coffee producer that producing phenomenal coffee. It is easier for roastery like us to get exceptional coffee with unorthodox process like natural coffee from Colombia.

Yes, that's what made us fall in love with La Palma coffee produced by young Pre-Q grader farmer Emerson Narvaez. In general fully washed Colombia is favored by many people since it is has clean, sweet, balance flavors and stable quality. It is challenging producing honey or natural process coffee since Colombia has unpredictable raining season that potentially destroy the entire coffee during drying process. It required some level of skill and expertise like Emerson to carefully carry out natural process.

Roaster Notes

Not all expensive things are good but in most case good things are expensive. Sometime we just close our eyes and believe in farmers work and La Palma paid off our bet. This coffee is such an outstanding coffee for a common varietal. It is good example to show how by manipulate processing method, farmer can push the coffee quality and raise the coffee price. Emerson coffee has dark sweet berries tones flavors. I remembered slurping this coffee more than other coffee during cupping session.

The intensity of black cherry and concorde grape almost mute another coffee taste. Seem the natural process hit the bull eyes by concentrated the natural fruit sweetness into the coffee seed. I can taste heavy sweetness and texture of dark chocolate lingering and coating in my mouth. It is slightly heavier than normal Colombia that I taste. Could be I'm still used typical fully washed Colombia. This is definitely worth coffee to put on your shelve. Just don't keep for more than 3 months. Best to drink when it still fresh. Step up your V60 game with La Palma. You know what I mean.

- Helmi -