<center>COLOMIBA</br>CAMELIA</br>PINK BOURBON</center>


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What's Interesting

It is safe to say Pink Bourbon is our staple filter coffee. We almost lost count of track of how many Pink Bourbon that we have offered this year. There is kind a magnet energy that attract us toward pink bourbon. This fantastic varietal was discovered at Gabriel Castano's farm located in San Adolfo. Pink Bourbon cultivated from hybridization of red and yellow bourbon.Gabriel said the coffee tree has been there for a while and many producer said it has quite resistant to leaf rust disease.  

Our head roaster has been using Pink Bourbon is his national brewing coffee competition. This coffee easily attract anyone with bright acidity and juicy body. Arkib really excited to have Pink Bourbon back and share our love with home brewers. This particular coffee fome from La Camelia farm in Quindio region. Lateyl we notice some of Quindio farm has been take over by younger generation of farmers which understand importance of coffee quality. Some of Quindio coffee has produced excellent quality, thanks to continuos effort made by all generation of coffee farmers.

Roaster Notes

This coffee is slightly different from normal Pink Boubron that I used to taste. Usually Pink Bourbon has bright citrus acidity and deep caramel taste. But Camelia Pink Bourbon has structured sweet savory flavors with tea-like body. Ground coffee has savory and fruity herbs smell like rose hip. It getting obvious when I had first sip. Taste of rose hips, apricot and black tea covered all my palate. The flavors remain same and coffee flavors getting prominent as it cools down. Definitely recommend V60 for Camelia Pink Bourbon. Low brewing ratio and moderate hot water seem good for a balance cup recipe.

- Helmi -