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What's Interesting

We have been eyeing quite long time to get our hand on Volcan Azul coffee. This farm has been producing some of the best Costa Rica coffee that we ever taste. Located on the slopes of Barva and Poas Valcano in Centraland West Valley in Saint Region, Volcan Azul has the fertile soil to grow coffee. Volcan Azul itself is the most exciting farm managed by Alejo Castro where limited selection of exclusive micro and nano batches of exotic coffee varietal has been grown. Such as Caturra, Geisha, SL-28, Villa Sarchi, Sarchimor and Mocca. Each coffee come in different process presentation like washed, honey or natural.

Roaster Notes

Costa Rica...land of honey process. Whenever I want drink a super delicious of honey process coffee, Costa Rica definetely will be on my top list. But for this round of offering I wonder how a natural Costa Rica taste. Caturra Natural from VOlcan Azul is such a perfect coffee for anyone who want to get into natural process Costa Rica coffee. We can taste how high acidity caturra has been shape into cranberry flavors. The natural process add winey flavors and after taste which make this coffee so interesting to brew and drink. The sugar brown sweetness is a complement to jammy cranberry acidity which give more balance taste to this 'winey' coffee. This is not your typical Costa Rica coffee. Only for brave heart coffee drinker.

- Helmi -