<center>COSTA RICA</br>CAMACHO VINDAS</br>GEISHA</center>


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What's Interesting

You can't help to be excited whenever Geisha name appear in your coffee offering. We certainly happy to have back this beautiful Costa Rica Geisha back in our list. Costa Rica is one of the coffee growing region that show the other side of Geisha coffee quality. While most of Geisha that available in current market has distinct character like floral and tea-like, Costa Rica Geisha is the only Geisha that we taste tend to have more body. This particular natural Geisha came from Camacho Vindas family. The farmers themselves is a living legend coffee farmers and won several times in Cup of Excellence competition.

Producing coffee in Costa Rica is a bit unique compare to other country. There is sense of community culture when producing coffee. Everybody joint force together in the producing better coffee. In common case, there will be around few farmers share and build a micro-mill washing station. This small facilities equipped with modern pulper machine, proper drying space and organized warehouse. Usually it located in middle of coffee growing area to make it more accessable to all farmer from any direction. Camacho Vindas Geisha has been processed at Cerro Alto Micromill which already earns Carbon Neutral Certification.

Roaster Notes

It is very hard to get out of comfortable Geisha taste profile. Whenever we bring in Geisha coffee, there will be some sort expectation of floral and fruity flavors from our coffee fan. But part of being Arkib is all about being daring. We like to do something against the norm. Camacho Vinda Geisha really showcase the signature of Costa Rica coffee. The flavors lean towards sugar browning like golden raisin and milk chocolate. The only difference that we can say is the quality.The golden raisin flavors is not tangy but it tastes more delicate with sweet sour taste. The coffee texture remind me of milk chocolate, creamy and smooth body running through my tongue.

I guess the most interesting part when I tasted chamomile when it totally cools down. It getting more prominent as it cools down. Some coffee tastes good when it still warms but it rarely to get a fine coffee that still taste good even when it cools down. I encourage coffee lover to explore other Geisha produced by other region like Costa Rica. By experience same varietal from different coffee region, we can slowly understand how climate or growing region has significant impact on coffee taste. Camacho Vindas Geisha definitely worth coffee to try.

- Helmi -