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What's Interesting

Another fine Costa Rica coffee beside Fallas Ramirez coffee. This beautiful coffee come from the same region Tarrazu. La Montana is a micro mill run by Daniella Gutierrez and Ivanna Gutierrez. They inherited love for coffee from their father. Under his guidance, they learned barista skills and appreciation of specialty coffee which helps them to produce better coffee. Around 2009, they started to build their own micro mill La Montana since they felt they can have more control on processing method which help to increase the coffee quality.

We love fully washed process coffee and believe it is benchmark of specialty coffee. Fully washed process is a coffee process method by utilizing water in depulping and fermentation process. Using water to separate the floater, producer can minimize risk to have bad or rotten cherries during fermentation process. During fermentation process it is much easier to check PH and temperature level since farmer can take measurement directly from fermentation tank. It is a bit difficult to implement same approach for natural process since it more rely on drying evenness and cherries moisture level content. We are extremely pleased to enjoy Daniella coffee. Fully washed is a pure form clean cup specialty coffee.

Roaster Notes

Something different that Arkib is all about. As green buyer for Arkib, I love to offee coffee that represent origin flavor. On flipside i also eager to try different stuff from the same origin. We saw lots of honey or natural process Costa Rica coffee but few of fully washed in the coffee market. When La Montana coffee is available I knew we must have it for Arkib. It is simple yet enjoyable for home brewer to brew. Required less skill and increase your confidence as home brewers. We know you are about that coffee label notes ;).

This coffee has slightly edge of acidity with plum flavors notes. Usually i taste citrus in most of Costa Rica coffee and quite happy to pick up sweet tangy malic acid that remind me of plum acidity. There is one kind of aroma / flavors / sense of violet that catch my attention.It smell like between purple flower aroma and super mild herbal flavors. It tastes better when it totally cools down. The chocolaty sweetness always there to compliment the flavors profile. Sometime I feel specialty coffee world has been misleading due to coffee score, we at Arkib personally focus on which coffee is more enjoyable to drink on daily basis. Born as human we live with our emotion up and down. La Montana coffee is such a pleasant coffee to anchor our emotion and let us have better day. Well I might be poetic but only when it comes to coffee.

- Helmi -