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What's Interesting

Well we always in love hate relationship with Costa Rica coffee. It is quite challenging to roast and required more attention when doing the roast profile. But lately we start to buy a lot of Costa Rica since we fall in love with the coffee flavors. It is one kind of coffee that always give you candy sweetness and ripe fruits flavors. On filter coffee it can be a comfort cup and on espresso shot you will get this kind of thick chunky flavors. Few things that interesting about Costa Rica coffee are micro mill and honey process. A small group of coffee farmers will work together to build their own micro mill. Usually it located at the center of coffee growing area to make it closer to each farmer's farm. The micro mill is equipped with high precision hulling machine which can cut the mucilage layer based on percentage. That's how Costa Rica farmer can producing high quality and consistent honey process coffee compare to other country producer which more rely on dried parchment color.

Virginia Ramirez and Jual Luis Fallasa are OG Costa Rica farmers. These duos have been a long time partner in raise up the Costa Rica specialty coffee quality. Their work paid off when they won multiple time Costa Rica Cup of Excellence competition. Farami is their commercial brand for all coffee that has been produced by them. We just love how the quality of their red honey coffee. Red honey is refer to 80-90% mucilage left after depulping process. Never get bored by Costa Rica coffee and we are looking forward to having more in the future.

Roaster Notes

Something that you hate become something that you love. Funny as it sounds, that's my story with Costa Rica coffee. Back in the days when I started learn how to roast coffee, Costa Rica is one of the challenging coffee to roast. Like Guatemala, Costa Rica is SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee which make it required lots of heat to roast. It takes me a white to get it right but i still remember drinking under developed Costa Rica coffee. It was not fun and certainly big NO coffee to our customer. Now I have figured out how to deal with these types of coffee and I must say I start to like coffee from Costa Rica and Guatemala. It is challenging to roast but when all stars are aligned it will teleport you to another universe. Just kidding.

Sometime I bit hesitate to buy Costa Rica coffee since it is a bit pricey compare to other coffee. But when you have something like Fallas Ramirez Red Honey coffee, this is what I want to do for our coffee fan. Correct coffee for correct price. The red honey process it delivers the intensity and complexity of Costa Rica coffee. Ripe cherries, persimmon and molasses flavors are so dominant. At the first sip i already know this is what want. Classic honey process that translate well into final cup. The ripe cherries flavor is sweet and not over fermented. In many situations, the farmers eager to get that 'fruity' notes and end up with too winey of bad fermentation taste. Virginia and Jual get it done right. Café de proceso de miel roja perfecto.

- Helmi -