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What's Interesting

We always trying to find exciting coffee from coffee origin. Sometime our selection it is about coffee varietal, processing method or coffee producer. When it come to Francisco Mena is all about great coffee producer. One of the things that we aware happening in coffee industry coffee farmer tend to neglect the financial aspect. Producing specialty coffee is not just about farm management, processing method or coffee varietal. It can be simple as financial management. If you are not good at managing finance, it is very hard to keep growing the coffee business which sometime required you to invest a lot in facilities and coffee farm expansion.

Francisco Mena is one the kind who is expert doing both job. Fantastic at growing excellent coffee and know how to sell and market his coffee. Using this advantage he invests a lot in facilities such a stainless steel mill, eco pulper and proper african raised bed. We believe this core fundamental to produce specialty coffee. In reality sometime it is difficult for a coffee farmer to have good coffee processing facilities. It happen due to lack of financial resource or lack of awareness running coffee business. From our past experience, we saw it affect the level of coffee quality produced by farmers.

That's why we are excited to tell Francisco Mena storiy to our coffee fan and give insight about challenge growing coffee at origin. Our role beside as a coffee roaster to bring gap between coffee producer and coffee consumer.

Roaster Notes

I love this coffee. Not because I'm roaster or owner of Arkib. If you take away all those things from me and just come from pure home brewers' perspective I still love to brew this coffee on my daily basis. Costa Rica sometime can be rounded coffee and packed with candy sweetness. With white honey process it seems taste more balance than other Costa Rica that i have ever tried.

I noticed most of Nordic coffee roaster like to use light roast approach for Central America coffee. For me, I rarely do it for Costa Rica coffee but somehow I kind of itchy to do Nordic light roast for this coffee. That's where art coming into roasting process. I can taste prominent dried cherry and persimmon flavors with Nordic light roast approach. It tastes light fruity flavors and comfort to drink. Well we all know that Scandinavian coffee drinker normally drink around 3-4 cups of coffee per day. Yeah I think that's might be the reason why they like to do light roast especially for filter coffee. Francisco Mena gave me a hint of cinnamon notes when it totally cools down. It reminds me of some our past Anaerobic Costa Rica coffee which taste so dominant with cinnamon flavors. I giggle myself drinking this kind of subtle fruity with hint of spices. Make my day.

- Helmi -