<center>COSTA RICA</br>JORGE GUTIERREZ</br>GEISHA</center>


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What's Interesting

An outstanding coffee required extraordinary coffee farmer. Let us introduce you to Jorge Gutierrez owner of Finca San Pedra from Costa Rica. His family has involved in coffee industry since 1950 and he inherited Finca San Pedro from his maternal grandmother. With 1 hectare farm, he knows he need to do something different to let his coffee stand out from other Costa Rica coffee producer. The answer to his question is focusing on coffee quality. His coffee mill Bajo del Rio Mill located 25 minutes from the farm and it is convenience since he can process the coffee within same day after picked the coffee cherries.

This particular has gone through semi-washed process. In general Costa Rica is really famous for it honey process. Semi-washed is a different technic used in pulping stage which make it different from honey process. While honey produced by pulping without using any water and leaving some mucilage. Semi-washed has been done by using disc pulper and water during pulping process. This will help to clean the mucilage properly. The coffee will be straight dry on raised bed. There is no additional fermentation occur compare to traditional fully washed process

Roaster Notes

Lovely and elegant coffee. At this point I can clearly pin point origin flavors for Geisha coffee. As coffee roaster we highly aware terroir and origin play a big factor to shape final end coffee flavors. This coffee has intense elegant lemongrass and clementine aroma. But it remains Costa Rica signature of silky and honey texture. The aroma is deep but not layering like a Panama geisha. This one is super comfort and I could not stop smelling ground coffee. The more I enjoy this coffee I'm keep craving for wild honey taste. It such a Costa Rica signature flavors which make happy to truly discover Costa Rica coffee through Jorge Geisha. Such a wild child in 'candy shop'. Drinking geisha....slurp my last sip

- Helmi -