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What's Interesting

Something interesting from our new favorite coffee origin, Costa Rica!. This is our 3rd purchase from La Lia micromill. What's interesting about this process is black honey anaerobic process. This is definitely signature or specialist of Costa Rica farmers. We hardly to find any coffee farmer who can match Costa Rica farmer in terms of expertise in producing honey process. Black honey anaerobic definitely is new experience for us as coffee roaster and also for home coffee brewers.

La Lia is a micromill built and run by Urena in 2007. It was named after the mother of Luis Alberto. Under traditional coffee system, farmers will collect the cherries and send it to big mill and paid off based on commodity price. Things start to change when farmers begin working together and put collective effort to build their own micromill. This movement happened across Costa Rica and give a new breath to specialty coffee market. Most of micromill paid reasonable or better price for good quality coffee.

Roaster Notes

Don't lie, I know most of our coffee lover can't wait to add to cart whenever you see anaerobic process. When choosing for our Costa Rica lineup I'm always looking for non-traditional process with slightly twist or X factor. This black honey anaerobic is something that I have been waiting for a long time. Costa Rica is super precise and good at processing honey process. Most of Costa Rica coffee has good honey texture with lively acidity. The sweetness and acidity compliment each other which is quite difficult to get from other region. Plus it is Red Bourbon varietal! . Combination of super sweet varietal and technical processing method, Luis Alberto got everything in his hands.

Our approach is to bring the roast level to medium roast. We feel not all coffee is good at light roast even though lots of roaster claim you can get 'natural' flavor at light roast. This is bogus and the one who claim it definitely stuck in 1 fundamental of roasting. This coffee has a lot of malic acid and heavy sugar compound. We bring it to medium roast to shape the malic acid into red wine acidity quality. Besides that it helps to tone down the excess fermentation sensation which usually occur in Anaerobic or Carbonic maceration process. Final cup taste like red wine, blueberry and chocolate. We are happy the flavors is consistent form hot to cold. The intensity getting prominent as it cools down. It is private happiness to roast this coffee.

- Helmi -