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What's Interesting

Costa Rica is unique coffee growing region. It is one of coffee producer country where we can easily find a coffee farm or coffee estate run by family. Olman Aguilera is one of this coffee growers generation where he inherits coffee farm from his father Pedri Aguilera. Finca El Mirador has coffee growing area around 15 hectares and located at 1400 meters. He running his farm with his 3 employees and also joined by some of his family members to taking care of coffee far.

Costa Rica is very famous with honey process method. Since we are big fan of natural process coffee, we have been looking for an excellent natural Costa Rica coffee. Don Olman coffee is exactly what we are looking for. In general we taste lots of complex dried fruit and chocolaty notes from natural Costa Rica. His coffee is almost ticked all our check boxes. It is perfect coffee for coffee lover who prefer heavy notes/flavors coffee but still want to enjoy some fruity taste.

Roaster Notes

I love a natural process coffee not just because of the taste, I have been roasting for quite long time nothing beat natural green bean smell. Well maybe because I'm spend too many times in coffee roastery. The green bean has a pleasant fermented smell and instantly I know we had a fine natural Costa Rica coffee. Compare to Ethiopia natural, i prefer to roast Costa Rica slightly darker to bring out more complexity of tropical fruits and darker tone of dark chocolate. With good heavy flavors, it is more easy for home brewers to brew a balance cup since the coffee has good solubility and it is very hard to under extract the coffee. In final brewed coffee I taste prune, raisin and dark chocolate. It is not complex cup but it satisfied coffee to brew. Especially for beginner who are looking for great coffee taste with little effort.

- Helmi -