<center>DE FUEGO</br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>
    <center>DE FUEGO</br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>


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What's Interesting

Welcome back Luis Eduardo De Fuego Anaerobic. We really miss this coffee and can't describe how excited we are to offer this coffee again. This is first anaerobic coffee sold by Arkib Kopi. Back then we were searching for anaerobic coffee and we are looking for well know experimental processing region. That's when we are narrow down our searching on Costa Rica. It is famous for different combination of honey process (white, yellow, red, black, gold). De Fuego is a micro mill run by Luis Eduardo Campos. He won several COE competition and his coffee such a bullet proof for high scoring coffee.

Anaerobic process become a buzz in coffee industry for the past 3-4 years. Producers like Eduardo is such an expert when it comes to this method. Anaerobic process is a coffee fermentation process with no oxygen. Simply said Eduardo put the cherries in sealed tank with one way valve gas. As fermentation progress carbon dioxide will be produced and push out all oxygen out from sealed tank and create vacuum chamber. PH and temperature will be closely monitored during the fermentation process.

What we like particularly about this coffee is signature of cinnamon aroma and taste. We bought lots of anaerobic coffee but never encounter such a prominent cinnamon notes from anaerobic coffee except Luis Eduardo coffee. Some of our Costa Rica coffee also has hints of cinnamon coffee such Jose Jamie coffee but Luis Eduardo coffee has higher clarity and intensity. Under skill fulled coffee processor, Anaerobic definitely is good choice to push boundaries of specialty coffee. This is must try coffee!

How To Brew

Costa Rica known as Strictly Hard Bean and we noticed this coffee has high density. During brewing you need to be a little patient to extract good flavors from Eduardo coffee. We choose classic V60 and using 4 steps pour method. Try keep each pour water level just slightly above from coffee bed. The idea to brew this coffee at moderate speed to allow coffee ground to absorb and extract back soluble flavors. This brewing profile more toward sweet and tangy flavors. We got prominent cinnamon with sweet sour acidity like ume (unripe plum). The aroma is smell very good when it was hot. We feel the coffee taste more delicious when it totally cools down. We taste cinnamon, ginger and violet. Not your usual cup taste profile and that's what make it interesting brewing Eduardo coffee.