<center>DIAFANOR RUIZ </br>- PINK BOURBON -</center>
    <center>DIAFANOR RUIZ </br>- PINK BOURBON -</center>


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What's Interesting

We just love Pink Bourbon. Maybe toward certain extent we are buying too much pink bourbon. Our friend Dil from Dilcoffeetrail loves Pink Bourbon too and we plan to do something special for his coffee offering. That's when natural pink bourbon come to our mind. Colombia known for fully washed coffee due to easy access to water resource and safe production. Producing natural or honey process is challenging due to unpredictable weather and high risk of mold during drying process. But when you have an excellent producer like Diafanor Ruiz, everything will be taken care. With 40 years experience as coffee farmer, Diafanor approach natural process with using a movable rooftop to protect the cherries in case it suddenly raining.

We are super excited since this is our natural pink bourbon coffee and we have high expectation on this coffee. We roasted this coffee with short development to keep natural sweetness while end the roast at medium roast to create sufficient caramel sweetness to give you a balance cup. In final cup this coffee slightly different from typical fully washed pink bourbon. This coffee has intense jammy dark cherries with sweet caramel taste. The acidity give you a sensation of guava and raspberry taste.

How To Brew

We used same recipe that our head roaster Helmi used in his Malaysian Brewers Cup Championship in 2019. By using 2 pours we want to extract all good flavors while maintain a balance cup profile. The trick of this brewing method to let longer blooming time before continue 2nd pour. The reason behind this trick is to allow coffee bed to fully absorb the water without any disturb. It will increase coffee solubility since all coffee ground is fully saturated and high diffusion in brewing can be achieved. In final cup we taste delicate ripe cherries, grapes and sweet white chocolate. High brewing ratio 1:18 tone down the dark cherries' intensity make it more enjoyable as it cool down. We found the sweetness turned to tropical fruits like buah salak sweetness. Diafanor Pink Bourbon is one the kind of Pink Bourbon and we highly recommend you to try using syphonSyphon is good brewing method fully discover true coffee taste.