<center>DIAFANOR RUIZ </br>- PINK BOURBON -</center>
    <center>DIAFANOR RUIZ </br>- PINK BOURBON -</center>


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What's Interesting

We had Diafanor Ruiz Natural Pink Bourbon in our previous selection and totally stunned by sweetness intensity from his coffee. Now we are back with fully washed version of Pink Bourbon. We personally think fully washed is the best processing method to allow pink bourbon character to shine. Diafanor Pink Bourbon is straight forward coffee but with high quality flavors. We keep the roast level maximum to medium roast level since we want quality of caramel sweetness to compliment snappy pink bourbon acidity. Make no mistake if you taste strawberry from a fully washed coffee. That show you how good is farmer by taking care of farm management and processing protocols. We also taste tropical fruits such as lychee and fig. The best part when it totally cool down the sweetness and after taste has a sensation of roselle syrup. We might be bias but roselle syrup? any day any time Pink Bourbon is no. 1.

How To Brew

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