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What's Interesting

Gedeo is famous region where good coffee like Chelelektu, Wenago and Yirgacheffee are produce. Dugo Sodo also located inside Gedeo region which make it same par with rest of big boy. This particular coffee was produced by Tamirat Jerihoon where he buy coffee cherries form Dugo vilaage and produce it as natural process. Drying process usually take 17-21 days on bambo drying racks. As much people want to get middle man in coffee supply chain, people like Tamirat Jerihoon is very importance to keep sustainability and longevity in coffee business. Most of small farmer own small hectare lands around 5 hectares and it does not sufficient to make it as bread and butter. By combining harvest yield, processor like Tamirat can help to ease coffee farmers on processing stage and also secure finance/paycheck for farmers who is relied on daily payment.

Tropical fruits? As soon we taste rambutan flavors we know we have something special in our Ethiopia offering. Dugo Sudo coffee has high clarity of tropical fruits and berries flavors. Strawberries and rambutan are consistent from first sip until you finish the whole cup. We also picked up a hint of guava notes. It quite exciting to see how Dugo Sudo flavor develop as day goes by. Well we leave it to you. We know it is good coffee, in our hands or your hands.

How To Brew

This coffee taste so good after 1 week. Seem heavy berries notes coffee will taste more prominent if you leave it rests for almost 1 week. As usual we are using our December dripper. We are using medium fine grind size to push more coffee sweetness since we love heavy tropical fruits flavors like rambutan. Yet we just pour 3 steps to ensure there is no over extract accident will happen, From Rambutan to Longan taste, we never stop enjoying this kind of coffee. Progressive cup taste profile with good jammy candy and raspberi jam flavors.