<center>EL SALVADOR</br>DON NACHO</center>


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What's Interesting

We have few excellent Pacas varietal coffee for October selection. Beside Fincona Pacas natural we able to secure Don Nacho Pacas Natural. Don Nacho owned by Gutierrez is active member of El Salvador coffee industry. He maintain environmentally friendly practise and keep a balance with the surrounding while growing coffee under canopy shade trees. This coffee is another best example to showcase of El Salvador coffee. Natural process packed this coffee with heavy flavors which make it very enjoyable for daily brew coffee.

Roaster Notes

Pacas known for a simple flavors coffee. Most of the time you will get few coffee flavors but with high clarity. Don Nacho is a good example where it does not have that kind of crazy or fancy flavors. It has simple dark cherry notes and walnut syrup. This kind of coffee is recommended for any coffee lover who just get into coffee brewing. With simple flavors coffee it helps coffee brewers to train their brewing skills and gain confidence in brewing. Once in a while, I will go for simple coffee especially after had a long day. No geisha can beat a cup of comfort coffee. Make one for your love one, Don Nacho coffee will taste sweeter when you drink it together.

- Helmi -