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What's Interesting

This is our second offering from El Barbaro. Last offering Pacamara natural has been amazing with lots of juicy and round body coffee. New Parainema varietal has been caught our attention lately. It mainly grown in Honduras and it interesting to have El Salvador Parainema coffee. This particular has went anaerobic where it amplify more aroma and give more tropical fruits flavor toward this coffee. Easy to roast and really enjoy to brew experimental coffee like El Barbaro anaerobic.

El Barbaro Pacamara come from family own farm (Bonkaffe). It located in El Balsamo mountain range, Jayaque, La Libertad. Around 120 workers maintain this coffee plantation during harvest, planting, fertilizing etc. The Wet mill also located inside plantation allow for faster processing and tractability of varietal. The coffee grown under the shade trees which help coffee plant from sunlight stress and act as wind breakers that can help to avoid coffee cherries easily fall from branches.

Roaster Notes

We come to conclusion that El Salvador is gentle coffee region. You can get all those fruity notes but rarely to get sharp or bright acidity coffee. This Parainema Anaerobic is just perfect for laid back coffee. The smell of anaerobic is something extra for home brewers to enjoy prior brewing. We highly recommend gentle pouring for gentle taste coffee. Extract that tropical fruit's sweetness like mango and pineapple. The creamy and almond sweetness give this coffee a complete fine specialty filter coffee for coffee enthusiast.

- Helmi -