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What's Interesting

Our firend Dilcoffeetrail based in Brunei asked us to source darker tone coffee and we like the idea since Arkib is little bit heavy of fruity coffee side. It is good for us to pull back us from dreamland where there are still coffee lover who enjoy bold or chocolaty type of coffee. We have plenty of El Salvador option for this batch and Jorge Rivera Pacas natural check our list for Dil request. This Fincona lot is a micro lot farm from Finca La Argentina owned by Jorge Rivera. 70% of coffee farm has been planted with Bourbon varietal and balance planted with unique varietal like Centeramericano H1, Icatu, Obata and Pacas. 

Roaster Notes

Good body with subtle acidity quality. Jorge Rivera Pacas natural is perfect choice for filter coffee lover but a fan of dark side. This coffee is taste heavy like dark chocolate and sarsaparilla. Honestly once in the while i really enjoy drinking coffee that has sarsaparilla flavor which come with soda drink sensation. Dark chocolate flavor is such a good end note flavor especially when you are drinking heavy body coffee. I suggest get a chocolate brownie to go with this coffee. Free food and drink pairing tips form Arkib Kopi. All you need to do buy Jorge coffee and enjoy your treat. Have a good life sir!

- Helmi -