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What's Interesting

When talking about Central America coffee, you must put Colombia coffee in the conversation. It is the most versatile coffee producer country that has 2 coffee harvest seasons all the year around. This advantage make them as main choice for any coffee roastery since it is easier in term of sourcing fresh and good green bean from origin. Colombia known as a sweet coffee and balance. It is an excellent choice for espresso or filter coffee. We personally love Colombia because it has wide range of good coffee producer that producing phenomenal coffee. It is easier for roastery like us to get exceptional coffee with unorthodox process like natural coffee from Colombia.

Yes, that's what made us fall in love with La Palma coffee produced by young Pre-Q grader farmer Emerson Narvaez. In general fully washed Colombia is favored by many people since it is has clean, sweet, balance flavors and stable quality. It is challenging producing honey or natural process coffee since Colombia has unpredictable raining season that potentially destroy the entire coffee during drying process. It required some level of skill and expertise like Emerson to carefully carry out natural process.

Roaster Notes

I think we should create a new coffee category called mythical coffee. Then we have proper category for Emerson Narvaez Geisha coffee. I was like 'What is this?' , 'This can't be Geisha is it?'. Lots of question / curiosity boggling my mind. Traditional fully washed supposed to be clean, floral and sort of tea-like flavors. This is one is absolutely out of character with prominent basil and cumin flavors. The aroma smell like herbal in any aroma therapy spa and my first sip covered with mint and spices sensation. The texture is a bit oily and remind me of olive oil sensation. The flavor spectrum is quite weird for a varietal called Geisha, but we are enjoying new experience.

Drinking this coffee remind me of big why European colonized Asia and other continent for the sake of herbal coffee. Emerson Narvaez Geisha coffee  is another beautiful example of what is truly specialty coffee. Never dictate by personal opinion, but rather by undeniable cup quality. In the good hands we trust.

- Helmi -