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KUNO 01-05

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What's Interesting

We love to present specialty coffee in many ways. Being a professional coffee roaster does not mean we are bind to 'protocol' set by specialty coffee community. Arkib take a step outside the box to present specialty coffee like a painter. This is our dark roast signature series coffee called Empayer Hitam and we name it each coffee series based on it own unique roast profile. While lots of coffee brand name their single origin coffee after the coffee producer name, we would love to portray it in art form. Empayer Hitam in Bahasa language meaning Dark Empire is symbolic to represent a collection featuring multiple series of dark roast coffee.

This dark roast coffee collection is inspired from Star Wars movie series and it comes in multiple series. It consists of 5 different origin and we start with series no.5 which is Kuno 01- 05. Started from the last one just like how Star Wars series evolve. Kuno in Bahasa meaning Ancient represent traditional Wet-Hulled processing method mainly use by Indonesian coffee producer. This traditional has been passed down from generation to generation and managed to survive until nowdays. Wet-hulled is synonym with herbal and earthy flavors which is common to find in Sumatra coffee.

Kuno 01-05 is one of our effort to change perception on how a good wet-hulled coffee can be when it carefully been produced. This coffee series featuring one of our latest direct trade coffee from Women Cooperative Ratu Ketiara Gayo. By implement basic strict processing protocol from picking red cherries, sorting the floater, proper moisture content, excellent green bean sorting, Ketiara coffee is one the cleanest Gayo coffee we ever tried. We believe this is the best raw material that we can use to create Kuno coffee.

 Roaster Notes

I have this an idea on how roaster can showcase his work. Back in 2019 I visited Melbourne National museum and went to see many great artist work. From stolen religion books, capture of infamous Ned Kelly journal, painting by Picasso etc. I inspired on how an artwork can speak without utter a single word. Painting just a plain canvas for artist to draw whatever in his mind and as coffee roaster I would love to similar approach and carry out experiment using coffee. Empayer Hitam is one of our first coffee art project to tell stories about specialty coffee in different ways.

Why dark roast? Specialty coffee has lift light roast coffee as a benchmark for 'specialty coffee' coffee across the world. Being a Q Grader we understand there is no such thing exist and specialty coffee strictly bind to green bean evaluation. Roasting a dark roast is not a crime. It is crime when you are not properly roasting a specialty coffee. For Arkib it is freedom for any mankind to present coffee in any way they like and I stand with this belief. Empayer Hitam is our statement how coffee quality can still be preserve even at dark roast level. With proper roasting skill and deep understanding on coffee knowledge, proper dark roast coffee can be achieved without losing origin flavors.

Kuno 01-05 coffee is so enjoyable and bring back the nostalgia why we love Sumatra wet-hulled coffee. The espresso taste so smooth with delicate herbal aroma and sweet plum acidity. The Sumatra body is what all espresso lover is dying for. It is very thick like a brick in your mouth. Just pour steamed milk and let the Kuno coffee true potential unleashed. Heavy dark chocolate with chewy texture, something that will please any coffee drinker and we believe including Starbuck customer. Let's enjoy our life with Kuno 01-05 coffee. A proper and delicious dark roast wet-hulled coffee

- Helmi -