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What's Interesting

Testi PLC consider one of the biggest name in specialty coffee producer in Ethiopia. Lots of the best Ethiopia coffee that we have ever tried produced by Testi. Testi Adorsi is one of their washing station located in Aricha. This facility equipped with the best equipment such as proper drying tables, good pulping machine, automatic hulling machine line, organized warehouse and everything that you can imagine to produce great coffee.

There are around 700 smallholder farmers around Adorsi washing station. Most of the farmer deliver a mix of local improved varieties, plus local land races like Kurume. The varieties are referred to collectively as Ethiopian Heirloom, which is a myriad of local native Typica hybrids, plus new and improved varieties based on the old strains.


Roaster Notes

When getting coffee from Ethiopia it is very crucial to know from who you are getting the coffee. While back then Ethiopia coffee was traded through Ethiopia Coffee Exchange (ECX) , coffee traceability is far from possible. Testi is one of the coffee producer that I know in earlier dayst that provide details information about their coffee. Since most of the smallholders in Ethiopia produce in small quantity, it is not ideal for them to export the coffee by themselves. The solution is by go into collective effort direction by selling the coffee cherries to washing station like Testi Adorsi.

I don't believe in magic/miracle, but this coffee is an exceptional. The flavors are one of the kind of Test magic, they just know how to do their job very well. On cupping table I picked up gentle fruits notes such as persimmon and peach. Delicate cotton candy sweetness and vanilla texture such match made in heaven for a gentle fruits profile coffee. The important part is clean! . On V60, this coffee have a thicker flavor such as mango, bergamot and sandalwood. Quite surprised? Well I think that's beauty part of brewing coffee, you just don't know.

- Helmi -